• Education

    • Master of Arts Public Relations and I finished also Financial Management.

  • Work experience

    • Curently I'm working for International Automotive Company in Sosnowiec as Functional Safety Engineer in R&D Department.

      Previously, last 13 months I was Production Engineering Manager in International Company in Katowice who was a producer of quality air sensors for industry and automotive sector.

      Before I started in Katowice, I worked for Italian Company in Sosnowiec as Time and Methods Manager in Industrialization Department, previously i was process engineer. I was responsible for process documentation, new launch and workplace optimization.

      In my previuos company I was worked as industrialization engineer, unfortunately, I decided to go away - I will not be hiding, with regret.

      In the February 2013 I finished work after 2.5 years as a technologist / process engineer in small Polish company in Sosnowiec where I had a very wide scope of duties and every day I did many interesting things - from January 2011, I was the project leader for new startups and internal company projects, in addition from the July 2011 I was also responsible for work organization on assembly department. In addition, in November 2011, I was the leader of Workplace Organization / 5S and People Development of World Class Manufacturing. Everyday multitasking :)

      With the last day of July 2010 I finished adventure with an Italian company, a producer of automotive rear lamps and car headlamps located in Sosnowiec. I was a production worker, deputy of leader and I worked in the disassembly zone where I made an analysis of manufacturing defects arising in the department.

      In April 2009 I was ended my career in the Austro-Canadian automotive company. The last two years I worked as a production coordinator in the largest section of the company where I managed 258 production workers. Before I was a coordinator for two years, I served as team leader on one of the production lines and my adventure with the company I initiated as a simply production worker in February 2004.

      At the beginning of 2003 I worked in Katowice, where I made the analysis of debtors payment and prepared advertising and promotional activities.

      In previous work, I was sales specialist in Computer Company in Sosnowiec.

      My first job was in Katowice in small Polish food company. Within a week, I worked with direct sales and on the weekends I worked in a warehouse.

    • Interest

      • I have a lot interests but I am crazy about cars.
        I like also audio-video equipment for home and car.
        I listen to different kind of music, my collection is huge and everybody can find something interesting. When I driving prefer dynamic music but is good to watch concert on my dvd car device like Beyonce, Pink Floyd or ACDC).
        I am moviemaniac. My favourite actors are Mel Gibson, Bruce Willis and Robert de Niro. I am a big fan of 007 (everybody heard about british agent) :) In my opinion the best Bonds were Sean Connery and Roger Moore.
        From books my favourities are Silmarilion, Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. I like also Harry Potter books especially the last two and Game of Thrones George R.R. Martin.
        Since 1994 I am a fan of Formula One, I watched all GrandPrix.
        In 2010 I began my adventure with politics (only as a spectator of course), I have never read so much newspapers and have never watch so much information tv channels :)

      Now You know something about me but please, do not judge me before You don't meet and talk with me :).
      Have a nice watching.

    Edition 2015 - Michal Saklak